As many teachers transferred from one school to another school during the covid-19 period, the WBBSE board faced low supervisors problem for the board exam. According to the Utsashree project teachers have to pass all conditions to get transferred later.

Teacher Transfer Portal

A teacher can only get transferred later through Utsashree Project conducted by West Bengal Government.

Eligibility Criteria For Utsashree v1.0

  • Applicant must be regular in the present school.
  • Applicant working in the present school for 5 years.
  • Age must be 59 years.
  • Posting place must be 25 km away from present school in case of secondary schools
  • The applied circle must be different.
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Required Document For Utsashree v1.0

  • Illness regarding documents.
  • Physical disablement (above 40%) related documents
  • Birth certificate of a child for a female teacher
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Fewer Supervisors During WBBSE Exam 2022

WBBSE board faced less supervisors over 10,000 during the board exam. In 2022 finally, 2 years later the Madhyamik Exam is conducted by the board. Already the vaccination process has been done for candidates. The West Bengal Board selected more than 6000 schools as exam centers. The exam is conducted by maintaining all covid-19 protocols. 
When all arrangements are done at the end they suffered from fewer supervisors during the Madhyamik Exam. Under the Utsashree project, more than 10,000 teachers have transferred to their respective schools. In some schools, there are many teachers but in some, there are a low amount of teachers. In a local survey, the incident was discovered. 
Now before the 12th board exam, they want to check the total amount of teachers to be selected for the upcoming supervisor.